Survey Research

As a marine ecologist, I am focused on answering important questions about how species and climate change interact.

As a data science and survey researcher, I am focused on using data to solve business problems.

As a conservationist, I am focused on maximizing the good I can do for the planet by bringing my biology, data science, and market research experience to sustainable initiatives like renewable energy, large scale restoration, Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), and Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage (CCUS).

This cross-pollination is more natural than it may at first appear. For example, the pricing analysis that businesses might undertake before launching a new product can to help you figure out how much people would be willing to pay for a single restored coral, a planted tree, or a pound of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. The same multidimensional analyses used to understand how consumers differentiate bank brands can be repurposed to see where your environmental product or organization is differentiated from the rest. Techniques used to rank which amenities travelers prefer can also be used to reliably determine where your stakeholders rank your environmental topic of interest among a long list of others. Oh, and market research tools used to assess how people react to each second of a multi-million dollar ad? Those can be used to determine what lines, scenes, or shots in your latest YouTube video will resonate with your core target demographic, and which will fall flat.

If you’re interested in learning more about how market research and survey data can be used to help your organization, reach out to me by heading over to the services page.