My name is Rob Nowicki.  I am data scientist, marine ecologist, survey research specialist, and R programmer. I enjoy using data and R to solve a variety of problems and answer all sorts of questions, including in the fields of biology, conservation, climate, and market research. I have broad experience in academia, start-up, and non-profit environments, both as a leader and individual contributor.

As a marine ecologist, I have worked all over the world to answer conservation questions related to climate change impacts, shark ecology, and species interactions. As a member of the Commercial Data Science team at Morning Consult, a rapidly growing decision intelligence startup, I pivoted my skillset from biology and conservation to survey research. While there, I led data science teams through rapid expansion in both headcount and revenue, while helping some of the world’s most prominent organizations get the information they needed to come to decisions that make front page news. Through my career, I have generated insights used not only by editorial rooms and some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, but also by global organizations like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

No matter whether on the water setting shark lines, or at the computer generating insights, a single theme defines how I work:

Every Challenge is an Opportunity.

As a data scientist, I am interested in using my experience in experimental design, statistics, data, analytics, coding, and leadership to turn data into insights, answer important questions, optimize workflows, automate processes, and lead technical teams that not only succeed, but thrive. My current focus is to more closely merge my experience in marine ecology and conservation with my expertise in data science (and even market research) to maximize the good I can do both for organizations I serve and the world we share. I am particularly driven by the desire to reduce the impacts of climate change by contributing to the Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG), renewable energy, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), or Power-to-X industries.

Go here for my LinkedIn profile, here for my CVs, here for my Google Scholar profile, here to learn more about my ecology research interests, here to learn more about how I think market research can be used for conservation, here to learn about my outreach, here to learn more about my mentoring experience, or here to see where my mentees are now. I am also available to assist you or your organization as a consultant, whether your needs span biology, conservation, education, data science, business, survey research, ESG, or a combination of the above! If you’d like me to speak to your classroom, school group, science cafe, etc., please go here.