Hi! My name is Rob Nowicki.  I am a marine disturbance ecologist and postdoctoral research fellow at Mote Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys.

My research focuses on three main questions:

  1. What influences how species and ecosystems respond (or fail to respond) to disturbances and stressors?
  2. How, when and why do species interactions (like predation, competition, and facilitation) alter these processes?
  3. How can we prevent or reverse declines with applied science, like bycatch reduction research or active restoration techniques?

I focus mostly on the roles of extreme disturbances like marine heat waves, hurricanes, and coral diseases, and work mostly with seagrasses, corals, and sharks.

Go here to learn more about my research interests, here for my CV, here to learn more about my mentoring experience, or here to see where my mentees are now.  If you’d like me to speak to your classroom, school group, science cafe, etc., please go here.

Please enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!